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The following page will take you to your custom generated nba 2k18 locker code. You MUST follow each step listed above completely. Failure to follow the steps as directed can lead to either your IP and/or computer being blacklisted from our system for abuse. To become unblacklisted you'll have to contact us on our Facebook fanpage and our Twitter. Sometimes Facebook messages don't go through but a tweet will get through for sure. Also another thing to note is that there IS a survey you will be required to complete on the next page before your nba 2k18 locker code will be made available. This is required for all users on all devices. If you can't complete a survey you must contact us and give a good explanation. The surveys we require people to fillout don't cost any money and also don't require but maybe 3 minutes of your time. Complete all the steps and you'll soon be enjoying nba 2k18 to your hearts content. Enjoy and have a nice day!